We offer a selection of certified exotics, our vehicles are gone through a 163 point inspection, all our vehicles come with a comprehensive Carfax history report.

Lease and Finance

We offer some of the most competitive lease and finance rates in western Canada. We have strong relationship with lenders and can save our clients thousands by adjusting their residual and interest. Just make sure to give us a try before your sign for your next lease, we might just be able to save you on your payments. 

Warranty & Pre Purchase Inspection

We offer some of the most comprehensive and reliable automotive coverage working with industry leading actuaries and underwriters to offer some of the best products on the market. Best of all if you end up not using your warranty and purchase a new vehicle we gladly credit your next vehicles coverage. We work with leading Canadian Warranty providers the are used by Jaguar Land Rover Canada, BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Toyota and other leading automotive brands. 

Storage and Fleet Management

We offer storage and fleet management services to clients with need for safe and secure storage and vehicle maintenance management. We make owning your luxury car a seamless experience, your vehicle will be in pristine condition year round and you will never have to waste a day taking your car for scheduled maintenance.


We consult our clients on which vehicles to purchase so that your asset is protected and not depreciated. some of our clients make money to drive exotic vehicles in Vancouver. 


We offer vehicle pick up and drop off, we take the headache of taking your car to service and back and take care of it for you, in addition we pass on some of the highest industry savings we receive from manufacturers to our clients.